One week down, 155 more to go

It’s only been four days, and it still doesn’t feel like my PhD has begun, but I already feel settled and quite comfortable. I still haven’t seen my supervisor yet, and I’ve done nothing but admin, paperwork and health & safety training so far, but I have a desk, a computer, and a Ucard which lets me in to the office.

The office itself is not too bad. A little cold at times, but the other guys in there are nice, and the staff room has an endless biscuit supply for 5p each! (Very dangerous). I had a minor panic when I realised I might be sitting at the same desk, doing more or less the same thing, for the next three years. Three years! That’s longer than I can really imagine, which is why it’s so scary. This will also be the first summer I’ve ever had without an extended holiday period. So this is what real life is like, eh?

On the other hand, I feel like I’m settling back in to Sheffield quite nicely. There’s lots going on, and I’m excited about finding a routine and fitting it all in. Plus, the sun is shining! Perhaps Spring is finally on the way. But best of all, my new housemate plays the accordion. How cool is that?!


One thought on “One week down, 155 more to go

  1. Love the accordian! Remember real life could be in a call centre or a MacDonalds! Or even getting Job Centre Allowance – all of £71 a week.

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