Evidence of my existence

Just in case any future employers are reading, I’m collating a few of my recent (and less recent) achievements in Astronomy into this short post. The most recent and exciting of which is the ‘publication’ (in a very loose sense of the word), of my first webpage. A guide to setting up ULTRACAM at the WHT… wow – amazing! It doesn’t look like much, but it actually took a long time to put together, and is real proof that I’m actually contributing to something vaguely related to astronomy.

I also recently spotted this poster on display in the department, advertising the cool-ness of the undergrad course here:

Come to Sheffield to study Astrophysics!

Come to Sheffield to study Astrophysics!

A poster I made myself for my Masters about this topic can be seen here.

And finally, for anyone who hasn’t already seen it and might be interested, there’s an 11-minute video of me on YouTube pretending to be an expert on exoplanet transits, and not wearing shoes. The YouTube comments are particularly entertaining. If you follow the link for Deep Sky Videos, there’s loads more cool stuff to watch, and even some other videos with little bits of me in.

Watch out Prof Cox!


One thought on “Evidence of my existence

  1. All in all very impressed even if I don’t understand it all fully. I mean what the hell does the ULTRACAM actually do?

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