The life of a travelling astronomy student

On Monday my two supervisors and I travelled down to Oxford University for a meeting with some of the big UK names in the LOFAR transient team. Folks there were keen to progress a collaboration and for us to use the pt5m to follow-up some of their transient projects, and we also talked about having the pt5m simultaneously observe the same patch of sky that the Janksy Very Large Array will be monitoring over the next few months. The hope here is that if any transient events occur we might be able to get simultaneous radio and optical data. 

Other work is really busy at the moment: I’m still trying to work out what the fast transient was that we saw two weeks ago, as well as complete finishing touches to the automatic transient follow-up pipelines, keep up to date with nightly data reduction, start a new project gathering new data on a catalog of Cataclysmic Variables, and prepare for Thailand! I’m flying in 9 days, and still don’t have insect repellent, a place to stay, any grasp on how to pronounce “I’m allergic to…” in Thai, or any Thai currency. 

On top of all the work above, and the preparation list for Thailand, I also need to make sure I get out on my bike at least one more time before I leave. How will I ever find time to sleep, eat, wash or shop for cereal?


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