Officially behind schedule

I’ll try to keep this quick.

  1. Why haven’t I posted anything in ages? Because I haven’t had any enthusiasm to do so. Sorry! I’ve not done anything hugely exciting, and I haven’t felt like sharing what I have done.
  2. Why am I posting now? Because I’m still here! And I’ve been feeling guilty about not writing anything in ages. This won’t make me feel better, but it might help me get over the imagined mountain of starting to write again.
  3. What’s happening this week? This week I’m progressing very little. I have two substantial pieces of work awaiting feedback from my supervisor, who is currently at a conference in Galway. One is the draft journal paper about the mystery transient we saw in October, and the other is my first year report, which is already 6 weeks late. The report is supposed to show my understanding of the field of research (huh?), my progress so far (not very much) and what I’ll do next (ideas, anyone?). So with Vik away, I’m doing more thumb twiddling than cutting edge research.
  4. What’s next? Holidays! I’m going on a relaxing week in France, starting at 6am on Saturday morning. I’ll be doing my very best to forget all about the PhD, but when I come back I’ll need to shift up a gear. The report and paper need to be finished ASAP, followed by the data reduction of the ULTRASPEC commissioning tests from November(!).
  5. What am I most frustrated with at the moment? Marking undergraduate homework scripts.
  6. What am I happiest about at the moment? Friends and acquaintances taking the current political situation seriously.
  7. When is the next meteor shower? There’s actually potentially quite a big meteor storm coming up on 24th May.

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